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Terradonis JP6 (5,6,7) rindu rokas stumjama sējmašīna.

The JP-6 shares all the features of the JP-1 and is ideal for the professional organic vegetable producer with from 2 ha to 5 ha to sow in a day. It can of course be used to sow flowers and used in other landscape gardening projects. If your sowing plot is large, using the JP-6 as a three row seeder may be a better choice than the JP-3. This choice gives complete control over row spacing - the hopper assemblies slide apart to the required distance.

Terradonis JP-6 sējmašīna (5,6,7 rindas)

  • Izsējas rullīši nav iekļauti komplektācijā.

  • Papildaprīkojums pēc izvēles, nav iekļauts komplektācijā.

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